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Created: 02. 07. 2014

Montenegrin Chief of Staff visited LOM PRAHA

On the 2nd of July, LOM PRAHA was visited by a Montenegrin military delegation headed by the Chief of Staff Admiral Dragan Samardzic.

Created: 30. 06. 2014

Mi-2 procedure training simulator modernization

In Q1 2014, the Mi-2 CPT simulator was modernized by the OEM manufacturer, a subsidary of LOM PRAHA - VR Group a.s.

Created: 26. 06. 2014

Austrian military delagation visted LOM PRAHA

On the 26th of June, LOM PRAHA was visited by a military delagetion from Austria headed by the Chief of staff and the Air Force Commander.

Created: 04. 12. 2013

Elite NATO pilots trained in LOM PRAHA

From the 25th until the 29th of November a simulated air exercise “Virtual NATO Tiger Meet 2013” was held in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Elite European pilots, grouped in the Tiger NATO squadron, trained mutual coordination and combat missions.  The event took place in the LOM PRAHATactical Simulation Center (TSC) and was organized in collaboration with the 211th Tactical Air Force Squadron.

Created: 18. 11. 2013


On Tuesday 12th of November, 60 members of the NATO ACG2 visited LOM PRAHA Flight Training Center and Tactical Simulation Center in order to learn more about the capabilities of our company in the field of flight and simulated air training. 

Created: 11. 10. 2013

Mil Mi-171 helicopter modernizations

An interesting article describing our unique and unmatched modernization solutions...

Created: 16. 08. 2013

Visit of the First Deputy Minister of Defence

16.08.2013 - The First Deputy Minister of Defence Daniel Koštoval visited LOM PRAHA.

Created: 09. 08. 2013

Students from Burkina Faso in LOM PRAHA Flight Training Center (CLV)

From the 30th July to the 16th of August, nine student pilots and flight engineers from Burkina Faso will be trained to operate Mi-17 helicopters in the LOM PRAHA Flight Training Center.

Created: 28. 07. 2013

Majorgeneral Nguyễn Duy Cường visited the Flight Training Center (CLV)

Major General  Nguyễn Duy Cường, the Vietnam Air Force Officers Academy Principal, visited the LOM PRAHA Flight Training Center (CLV) Pardubice.

Created: 10. 07. 2013

Overhaul of Romanian helicopters

 LOM PRAHA overhauled two Romanian Mi helicopters, belonging to the General Aviation Inspectorate of the Ministry of Interior. 

Created: 05. 07. 2013

LOM PRAHA supported the Czech Red Cross

LOM PRAHA supported the Czech Red Cross and IV-nakladatelství (Publisher) in their mutual venture of producing and distributing a booklet which is intended to inform children about health dangers and first aid procedures.

Created: 01. 07. 2013

MATC site survey - an eleven member delegation visited CLV Pardubice

Tuesday, May 18th 2013: 11 members of the MATC Site Survey team visited the LOM PRAHA Flight Training Center (CLV) and were presented with the possibilities of LOM PRAHA to participate in the MATC project.

Created: 29. 05. 2013

LOM PRAHA will support mutual simulated tactical training of the Czech and the Swedish Air Force

Continuing and further developing the bi-lateral cooperation regarding the training of Swedish Air Force (SAF) and the Czech Air Force (CZAF) was the main topic that was discussed during a visit of the Swedish Air Force Commander.

Created: 29. 05. 2013

LOM PRAHA is an ongoing member of DSIA

"Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (DSIA) associates Czech companies engaged in research, development, production, trade and marketing of the military and security equipment, material and services."

Created: 27. 05. 2013

MotorSich Certificate

LOM PRAHA obtained a certificate from MotorSich allowing the maitenances of Ai-25TL agreggates.

Created: 13. 05. 2013

Article about Tactical simulation centre published in ATM journal

An article covering capabilities of our tactickal simulation centre was published in May issue of the ATM journal. The article is available here.

Created: 02. 05. 2013

Participation of LOM PRAHA at exhibitions

LOM PRAHA kindly invites you to visit its presentation during the following domestic exhibitions and fairs:



  • European Helicopter Show – Hradec Králové (May 9-11)

  • HeliRussia – Moscow (May 16-18) Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1, Hall 4, Booth 1G/10

  • IDET 2013 – Brno (22.-24.5.) BVV, Pavilion P, Booth 051

Created: 29. 04. 2013

LOM PRAHA provides low-cost M701 engine solution to L-29 operators

To help operators of L-29 aircraft LOM PRAHA company comes with a technical solution that enables the extension of the TBO to M701 engines. Based on the individually proven technical condition of the engine it is enabled, under certain maintenance tasks prescribed by technical documentation, to perform the extension of existing TBO time and further allow the operator to operate the aircraft without significant economic costs associated with the engine overhaul.

Created: 25. 04. 2013

LOM PRAHA awarded with $1,3M contract for Mi-17 pilot training

LOM PRAHA s.p., Czech Republic, has been awarded with a contract valued $1,3M for Mi-17 flight training of Polish Air Force pilots from 33rd Air Transportation Base in Powidz. The agreement focuses mainly on mastering of advanced operations including flying under IFR conditions at night.

Created: 17. 04. 2013

Highest ranking military leaders of Army of the Republic of Macedonia visited LOM PRAHA

Major General Gorancho KOTESKI, Chief of the General Staff Army of the Republic of Macedonia, Colonel Kire KOLEVSKI, Air Force Brigade Commander and His Excellency Paskal STOJCHESKI, Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to the Czech Republic accompanied by Major General Miroslav ŽIŽKA, First Deputy Chief of the General Staff Armed Forces Czech Republic and Colonel Libor ŠTEFÁNIK, Air Force Commander paid visit on April 4, 2013 to Flight Training Centre (CLV) Pardubice.

Created: 02. 04. 2013

Training of Latvian maintainers in LOM PRAHA

Operational Level (O-Level) training course for Latvian helicopter maintainers took place at CLV Pardubice from March 4 to March 28, 2013.

Created: 06. 02. 2013

LOM PRAHA was awarded with contract for two Mi-17 helicopters overhaul

Prague, February 2013: LOM PRAHA was awarded with contract for two Mi-17 helicopters overhaul from the U.S. company SES-i. The contract relates to overhaul of two Mi-17 helicopters, which were owned by the Czech Air Force for some period in the past.

Created: 30. 01. 2013

LOM PRAHA seeks to repair U.S. helicopters

The largest Czech aerospace company in state hands LOM PRAHA offers to U.S. Armed Forces progressive modernization and repair programs for dozens of Russian Mi-series helicopters. The enterprise is the only one from the countries of the former Warsaw Pact that has all necessary certificates from the original manufacturer and according to its CEO Roman Planicka, LOM has the full support from Moscow.

Created: 28. 01. 2013

Chief of the General Staff Petr Pavel visited LOM PRAHA

On Friday the 25th January 2013 Chief of the General Staff of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic Lieutenant General Petr Pavel, M.A. visited LOM PRAHA s.e. along with his deputy - chief Brigadier General Bohuslav Dvořák, Director of Operations at the Czech Ministry of Defence. Lieutenant Pavel was informed by management of LOM PRAHA with current projects and strategic direction of the state enterprise.

Created: 15. 11. 2012

Training of Slovak Fighter Pilots in LOM PRAHA

LOM PRAHA conducted through its tactical simulation center in Pardubice specialized course for a group of eight pilots of the Air Tactical Forces of the Slovak Republic and three Ground Control Intercept (GCI) controllers from Command, Control and Surveillance Brigade.

Created: 22. 10. 2012

LOM PRAHA General Partner of the Future Soldier Exhibition & Conference 2012

Company LOM PRAHA, a leading MRO company of Mi-type helicopters, became the general partner of the 10th anniversary Future Soldier Exhibition & Conference 2012 (FSEC), which is considered to be one of the greatest military and economic events in Central Europe.

Created: 01. 03. 2012

The new director of LOM PRAHA s.p. appointed

Alexandr Vondra, the Defence Minister of the Czech Republic, appointed Roman Planicka to be the new director of  LOM PRAHA s.p. on March 1, 2012.

Created: 23. 11. 2011

Extension of OAO Klimov certificate

Based on succesfull passing of the certification audit by OAO Klimov design bureau, the certificate approving the qualification to perform general overhauls of TV3-117MT/V/VM/VMA engines and VR-14/24 gearboxes was handed over to LOM PRAHA company on November 22nd, 2011.

Created: 11. 11. 2011

Supplement of Approval certificate in compliance with Part 145

On November 4th 2011 LOM PRAHA company received a supplement of Maintenance organization approval certificate No. CZ.145.0013 in compliance with Part 145, regarding maintenance of civilian Mi-8/17 helicopters and its engines and components.

Created: 14. 10. 2011

Civilian OEM certificate

Company LOM PRAHA has received the Overhaul Facility Certificate approving its qualification to perform overhauls of civilian Mi-2/8/17 helicopters family.

Created: 13. 06. 2011

Mil Design Bureau Certificate

Company LOM PRAHA has received the Overhaul Facility Certificate approving its qualification to perform overhauls of Mi-8/17 helicopters of military designation.

Created: 24. 02. 2011

LOM PRAHA is exhibiting at IDET 2011

As in previous years, this year the company LOM PRAHA sp participate. Visit us therefore from 10 to 13 May 2011 at Trade Fair in Hall P.

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