Drive units

LOM PRAHA fully supports the dynamic component and aggregate life cycle of Mil helicopters and L-39 aircraft. We provide acquisitions, adjustments, repairs, maintenances, overhauls and testing & analysis of TV3 117 turbo shaft engines (in all of its variants), AI-9V APUs and AI-25TL turbofans, as well as VR-14/24 gearboxes. All offered services are carried out in accordance with the documented technical requirements and under certification of the OEM manufacturers.

LOM PRAHA has over 20 years of experiences and always places an emphasis on providing maximal quality through the use of advanced detection/repair/diagnostic technical methods & procedures, a skilled workforce and our vast know-how.

MRO includes includes Engine/Gearbox/APU/Aggregate/Sub-component technological inspection, disassembling, cleaning, crack detection, damaged parts replacing or overhauling, overhauled items assembling and installation, rotation balancing, testing etc. All mentioned works can be performed at LOM facilities under our quality department supervision. LOM PRAHA has its own test facilities for setting and trimming of Engines, Gear Boxes and APUs.