Majorgeneral Nguyễn Duy Cường visited the Flight Training Center (CLV)

After welcome by the CLV Director Mr. Mares, the visitors were briefed on LOM PRAHA CLV activities and services, mainly regarding the L-39 Flight Training. The principal had many questions on the Flight and Ground Training provided LOM PRAHA (CLV). After an introductory meeting and presentation the L-39, Mi-2, and Mi-17/171 Cockpit Procedures Trainers (CPT) were introduced to the guests. The principal tried flying an L-39 via the CPT simulator under the supervision of an experienced instructor Mr. Matula, who confirmed that the principal is clearly an experienced aviator. Compliments on the training documentation were expressed, especially for Mi-17 Ground Crew Conversion Technical Training books. Last presentation was provided at Tactical Simulation Center (TSC) where the guest had the chance to fly a JAS-39 Gripen and shoot down an "enemy" aircraft.