On Tuesday 12th of November, 60 members of the NATO ACG2 visited LOM PRAHA Flight Training Center and Tactical Simulation Center in order to learn more about the capabilities of our company in the field of flight and simulated air training. 

After a welcome by the Director of the Flight Training Center (CLV), the delegates recieved a presentation about all the capabilities of LOM PRAHA, including MRO services and Mil helicopter sustainability support. A site survey followed, during which the delegates had a chance to see the whole training process - all the way from the academic basics and simulations up to more advanced flight training programes involving the Mi-17 helicopter and L-39 aircraft. 

The delegates showed a lot of interest in the Tactical Simulation Center, which provides simulated tranining to airforce pilots with the cabability to create custom mission scenarios backed by real in theater experiences. Such complex scenarios and missions, would never be concievable during live air training (logistic support and safety conditions), thus making the Tactical Simulated Training cabability of LOM PRAHA a very effective and cost efficient solution to combat pilot training. Another point of interest was the interconnection of TSC with the Swedish simulation center and mutual training of AWACS operators.