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Simulation Centre

Tactical Simulation System (TSS) consists of necessary equipment, assets and information systems, providing the execution of simulated tactical training to pilots and ground based control personnel in accordance with customer´s requirements.


TSS consists of the following work sites:

- 4x Cabin Tactical Simulator (KTS)
- 4x Simplified Tactical Simulator (JTS)
- 2x Ground Controlled Interception (GCI) Simulator
- 1x Forward Air Controller (FAC) Simulation Station
- 1x Instructor Operator Station (IOS),2x BRIEFING (BRF) room

Cockpits are furnished with touch screens on which the cockpit layout is software projected. This projection is fully sufficient for pilot´s orientation and operation of the cockpit and is tailored to needs of tactical (battle) training, Air-to-Air, Ground-to-Air and Air Policing procedures for training of air space policing. HOTAS sticks are identical to those of a relevant aircraft. Currently we operate JAS-39 GRIPEN and L-159 ALCA control sticks (L-39 available by June 2014). It is possible to configure cockpits based on customer requirements; there are 8 pieces of HOTAS for JAS-39 and 4 pieces for L-159 available and 4 pieces for the L-39 (since 6/2014). For provision of pilot´s comfort, the cockpit is equipped with adjustable seats (up and down movement) and also rudder pedals have power adjustment.

Cabin Tactical Simulator (KTS)

  • The Cabin Tactical Simulator includes a cockpit and a display system with large visualization.
  • The cockpit has the same size as a real Gripen cockpit. There is a simplified adjustable seat,   canopy frame and stepladder.
  • Cockpit is equipped with real JAS-39C or L-159 Hands-on-Throttle-and-Stick (HOTAS) replica with correct handgrip and buttons. L-39 HOTAS will be available since 6/2014.
  • The visual system has six channels with standard projectors. The field of view is approximately     180x120 degrees. The Head Up Display (HUD) is integrated in the visual system and has                separate HD projector.
  • The HUD image is superimposed on the display surface with a high contrast relative to the out the window (OTW) image.
  • Cockpit control is realized by HOTAS and by simulated visualization on one 24 inch touch screen positioned in front part of the cockpit.
  • Software provides simulation of JAS-39C, L-159, L-39 and a “generic” supersonic /transport aircraft/airliner in an extent necessary for the training.

Simplified Tactical Simulator (JTS)

  • The Simplified Tactical Simulator includes a cockpit and a display system with small                     visualization.
  • The HOTAS, cockpit and cockpit control are the same as Cabin Tactical Simulator.
  • The visual system has 1 channel with 60 inch screen. The Head Up Display (HUD) is integrated in    the visual system.
  • Software provides for simulation of JAS-39C, L-159 or L-39 and a “generic” supersonic aircraft in an extent necessary for the training.

Fighter Controller station - Ground Controller Interception Simulator (GCI)

Tactical Simulation System consists of two identical Ground Controller Interception (GCI) Simulators. Software provides simulated visualization of chosen GCI radar picture together with appropriate control. GCI application is set off from IOS work site together with start of mission in flight simulator´s cockpits. GCI Simulators are equipped with communications system.

Forward Air Controller (FAC) Simulation Station

Tactical Simulation System (TSS) Site contains one FAC simulation station. It is not mentioned for FAC training, but for pilot´s training with FAC support.

Instructor Operator Station (IOS)

The Instructor Operator Station is for TSS control and direction of exercise process and contains two work sites. One site is for Exercise Director (IOS-MAIN) and one for Operator Computer Generated Forces (IOS-CGF). IOS is collocated with After Action Review (AAR) site to allow for audio-visual supervision of exercise development. IOS-MAIN is equipped with two 24 inch LCD screens (IOS-MAIN computer controlled), two 19 inch touch screens (IOS-CAM and IOS-SOUND computers controlled), and control means (keyboard, mouse and head-set). IOS-CGF is comprised of two 24 inch LCD screens and control means (keyboard, mouse and head-set).  Software provides for full control of TSS technology and training control.

After Action Review (AAR) site

AAR is designated for exercise progress overview and evaluation with audio-visual means support.

It is equipped with projector and projection screen and 12 large-screen displays. Sixteen chairs in front of the screens allow for open view on the screens. For monitoring of simulated radio correspondence the site is equipped with 20 two-channel wireless head-sets. AAR site allows for immediate after mission debriefing including 3D tactical situation view and replay all of the eight (8) cockpits display projection. AAR doesn´t have its own hardware and software. Picture on the screens is generated from KTS, JTS, GCI, FAC and IOS sites.

Briefing Room

There are two identical Briefing (BRF) rooms available at TSS for separate preparation of exercise participants and Directing Staff (DISSTAF) containing software and hardware for creating and modification of scenarios and exercise evaluation.

Simulation of tactical operations types

TSS provides following types of tactical operations:

1. Offensive Counter Air (OCA):

  • Sweep,
  • Escort,
  • High-Value Airborne Asset ( HVAA) attack,

2. Defensive Counter Air (DCA):

  • Combat Air Patrol (CAP),
  • HVAA defense,
3. Close Air Support (CAS),
4. Air Interdiction (AI),
5. Combined Air Operations (COMAO).

Training under tactical conditions

TSS provides the following tactical conditions training:

  • Beyond Visual Range (BVR),
  • Within Visual Range (WVR); within the visualization system range,
  • Different Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) capability; utilization of RWR in tactical fight,
  • Communication jamming simulation,
  • Radar jamming simulation
  • Transportable Integrated Data Link System (TIDLS) exploitation,
  • Tactical data LINK 16 exploitation (if available),
  • Ground Based Air Defense threats handling (SA6, SA8, etc.),
  • Tactical utilization of LDP (generic navigation and weapon aiming pod) for BVR fight and Air        Policing tasks – Different ROE application (Visual ID via LDP) 

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