Aviation life cycle support

LOM PRAHA is one of the world‘s leading companies providing MRO & life cycle support solutions for Mi-2, Mi-8/17, Mi-24/35 helicopters and their equipment (MRO - maitenance, repairs and overahaul; airframe, agreggates and dynamic components/drive units) as well as MRO of L-39 aircraft (including AI-25TL engines).

LOM PRAHA is the only company providing repair services for the Mi family helicopters in the NATO and EU countries which is certified by the Russian MVZ Mil and OAO Klimov design bureaus, the Interstate Aviation Committee MAK and domestic aviation authorities. Unlike many competitors, we can provide comprehensive services associated with overhauls, i.e. a complex support of the aviation technology lifecycle. Our experienced technical staff, the use of advanced technologies and an emphasis on top quality constitute our greatest advantage and the leading position in this field.

We are also a Mil-certified provider of modernisation solutions for Mil helicopters. Machines modernised by LOM PRAHA are battle tested in ISAF Afghanistan, where they proved to be 100% reliable and combat-effective.

Mil Mi-2/8/17/171 and Mi-24/35  & L-39 fixed wing aircraft

  • Overhauls (including overhauls of engines and gearboxes)
  • Repairs of damages & defects 
  • Technical life extensions (in cooperation with OEMs)
  • Periodical inspections and maitenances
  • In theater support and deployable maitenance solutions
  • Service support, advisory & mentoring
  • Spare parts supply & product support services
  • Modernisations and technological upgrades