Simulated Tactical Training

Tactical simulation training provided by LOM PRAHA covers training of various tactical situations and skills devoted to tactical air force pilots. Training is provided by means of modern Tactical simulation centre (located at Pardubice air force base) equipped by the latest technologies allowing visualization and perception close to reality.

In comparison to training in a real aircraft, simulation-based training allows for the training of maneuvers or situations that may be impractical, or even dangerous to perform in the aircraft, while keeping the pilots in a relatively low-risk environment on the ground. Flight simulation also provides an economic advantage over training in a real aircraft. When fuel, weapons, maintenance, flying hours consumption, shooting range/area, and insurance costs are taken into account, the operating costs of our simulation center are substantially lower than the operating costs of a simulated aircraft. For the specific kind of training as BVR or QRA procedures, the operating costs are several times lower for the simulator than for the actual aircraft or its weapons.

Parameters such as aircraft/weapons/radar performance can be modified according to request of a customer. Controls and cockpit layout for a different type of aircraft can be modified on the basis of agreement.


Slovak Air Force Pilots Training at LOM PRAHA


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